Pro Racing Socks Bike - price before 16EUR.


Always looking for improvements and following the exceptional success of its Pro Racing Socks (PRS), Compressport has developed the PRS V2.1 Bike

The PRS V2.1 remains faithful to the original design, offering outstanding comfort, optimal blood circulation and unequalled postural support.

The V2.1 also includes new features: a seamless finish, ventilation zones and improved arch support.
Seamless and without elastic, these do not compress the calf (with no tourniquet effect), thus relieving pressure at the ankle.

New mesh areas around the ankle, the top of the foot and the toes keep the foot feeling light, fresh, dry and cool. It’s breathable thanks to these ventilation zones, which help to remove humidity and sweat while also protecting against heat, the risk of overheating, blisters and fungal infections

Positioned on the plantar arch, the elastic compression band has several benefits:
1. Activation of blood circulation
2. Postural reinforcement while cycling
3. Optimal arch support
Its new ultra-ergonomic pyramidal design combined with a new ventilation zone provides even more comfort, breathability and flexibility during exercise.

EXCLUSIVITY for Pro Racing Socks V2 – Bike Socks
Higher cut than the V1 for a ‘Pro’ finish, it benefits from additional high-ventilation weave around the ankle  for increased lightness and breathability.
New colours

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